Administrative Officer Job Description


Administrative officer’s job description outlines how the job holder forms the back bone of any industry present today. Such an assistant performs the clerkish duties required by nearly all firms.A few administrative officers, such as in the legal or medical industries may be more specialized in their field than others however any exceptional assistant can be expected to perform his duties (mentioned below) with the utmost sincerity.

The basic job of any administrative officer is to manage and look upon the paper work and other crew tasks required for running the day-to-day business smoothly. Such professionals are chosen according to their leadership and sincerity to their work qualities along with their desk work. Usually administrators hired by the companies or governmental sectors are the ones who can assure them of keeping all their internal operations and business functions under control and run them as per their requirements. Whatever context it may be an administrative officer’s job basically entails five main functions:

  • Daily administrative tasks by managing the systematic working of daily office.
  • Coordinating in order to be able to act as spokesperson for the company one works with.
  • Long-term planning and scheduling includes recording of meetings and sessions for the alleged staff members.
  • Book keeping and documentation is the noting and arranging of all the data entry.

Daily administrative tasks, Communication and Coordination skills:

Most administrative officer’s duties orbit around administrating and assessing information within a closed room. This in general includes serving as a call attendant, maintain files and keeping memos. They may also be held liable for sending correspondence and vice versa. Having polished communicative skills is always a plus point with in an administrative officer’s job description as these professionals are commonly connected with the high ranking officials and the front-line staff in order to correspond effectively. They are also in charge of bringing various groups of people together, either to produce definite reports or to attain information with regard to certain issues being discussed within the respective officer.

Long-term planning, scheduling and Bookkeeping:

Planning and scheduling events like board meetings, sessions and brunches also comes under the heading of an administrative officer’s job description. (S)He may be responsible for researching the dealer’s prices or jot down participant’s availability. Other than this organizing appointments and preparing presentation luncheons are also a part of this job. Book keeping requires a certain flair as it involves monitoring and recounting of all the said expenditures on spreadsheets available. A few agencies may require administrative officer’s knowledgeable of bookkeeping software such as Microsoft Excel. Documentation is a skill that requires the officer to organize and manage files or type and proofread some documents.

Basically an administrative officer’s job description curtails paper work and other personnel guidelines in order to fulfill the day’s agenda. There is no unique list that describes how to become an administrative officer. All that one has to ensure is to be able to overlook administrative procedures, establish work priorities and co-relate the other above mentioned qualities of a desk job and parts of any administrative officer’s job description and the job is yours.


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