Auditor Job Description


The auditor job description requires professionals who can audit and analyze the reports from time to time. These professionals analyze the accounting records in finding out the financial status of the establishment.

Task of an Auditor

The auditor jobs are required to do various challenging tasks. Some of the major roles of an auditor are

Analyze the data: An auditor analyzes and collect the data to look for duplicity, deficient control fraud and non-compliance in accordance with the policy of the management.

Reporting: An auditor reports about asset utilization and results of the audits to the management. He further request changes in the financial and operational activities. In addition to this an auditor even prepares reports in detail on the audit findings.

Review:  An auditor reviews the data for the net worth, capital stock, surplus income and expenditures.

Inspection: An auditor inspects the accounting system and books of the organization in order to check the efficiency, effectiveness to record transactions.

Supervision: An auditor supervises the auditing of the establishments and even checks whether the investigation is required or not. In addition he prepares and verifies the annual reports the financial statements for that year with the help of accounting procedures.

Handling of cash and variables: An auditor inspects the cash on hand, the payable and receivable notes, the securities which are negotiable and even the checks which are cancelled.

Examine: An auditor examines the inventory on a regular basis to verify the ledger entries. In addition he further examines whether the employees relate to the objectives or not.

Provide latest information: These professional needs to provide the latest to latest information using the computer systems so that the management can take decision on the actual and not the historical data.

Conduct: The auditor even conducts audits to know if systems and programs would work or not as they are suppose to.

Review: The auditor would even review the account of the tax-payers and would conduct on-site audits.

Skills required for an Auditor. One needs to have certain skills for this job profile.

An auditor is required to manage the time of others and self.

This professional needs to be an active learner as well in order to understand the implication of new information.
Moreover he needs to have critical thinking by using logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weakness of alternative solutions.

One needs to be effective in writing and speaking.

Ideally an auditor needs to have good decision making skills in order to choose the most appropriate potential actions.
One is required to know about the management of the financial resources. This includes determining –how to spend the money to get the work completed.

Thus we see that the auditor job description also requires special skills and only a trained person would be able to perform the required duties.


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