Bank Teller Job Description


The bank teller job description profile requires a professional who is amongst the first one to interact with the customers in the bank as far as resolving a particular query is concerned. These professional occupy the frontline job in the bank as these are the employees that the customers see first. It is one of the main banking positions and is in great demand.

Task of a bank teller

The bank jobs teller is not easy and requires certain specialized skills. These skills include:

- Receiving and counting working cash at the beginning of the day.

- Identifying the customers, validating and checking the cash.

- Checking the accuracy of the deposit slip and accept cash and checks for deposits.

- Processing the cash withdrawals

- Performing certain tasks which are specialized like preparing cashier’s check, personal money orders, issuing travelers check and exchanging the foreign currency.

- Performing services for customers which include the ordering of the bank cards and checks.

- Receiving and verifying the loan payments, mortgage payments and also the utility payments.

- Keeping record of all transactions accurately, promptly and in compliance with the bank policy and procedure.

- Checking the balance of currency, cash and check in cash drawer at the end of each day.

- Answering the inquiries related to checking and savings accounts and other products of the bank.

- Attempting to resolve problems and issues with customer’s accounts

- Initiating and opening new accounts in the bank.

- Explaining and advising the customers about the products and services of the bank.

- Identifying the referral opportunities and accordingly make required referrals.    

Skills required becoming a bank teller

The main skills which are required to become a bank teller are

- Strong numerical ability: One needs to have this skill as the job requires to deal with cash and its transactions almost all the time. This ability helps in the execution of the dealings of the cash in a perfect manner in administration

- Good listening and communication skills: These skills are necessary as they make the work faster and easier. Moreover it always pays to be a good listener and speaker. These skills are necessary for the betterment of the performance within the organization.

- Customer service orientation:
This is a must as the entire business of the bank revolves around the customer.

- Accuracy and attention to detail:
This is required as one cannot afford to make mistake in this job. Accuracy is required in order to maintain the records of the customers as well the records within the organization.

- Time management: This is necessary as time is very important and we need to understand its relevance in our lives.

- Honesty and integrity: This is a must for building trust and confidence.

- Stress tolerance: As this job requires to work under pressure one needs to learn to deal with stress.

Thus we see that the bank teller job description requires people who are not ordinary but have some special skills.

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