Call Center Specialist Job Description


A Call Center job description requires a person to perform set of customer service activities on phone as well on email. The profile revolves around the customer and customer satisfaction is the prime goal of the specialist.

Task of a Call Center Specialist

The Call Center Specialist jobs is required to do various challenging tasks. Some of the main tasks which these professional are required to do without fail are as follows.

1. Resolving the queries: A call center specialist needs to provide a solution to the inquiries of the customer for different kinds of products and services.

2. Manage: A call center specialist needs to manage all sorts of communication within the center which could be in the verbal or written form.

3. Response: A call center specialist needs to response to all types of incoming calls received from the customers in a professional manner.

4. Use of Call Center tools: These professionals need to use all the tools in the Center and document all the problem of the customer. In addition he/she is required to do the required corrections in the right manner.

5. Maintaining the records: A call center specialist needs to maintain the records of the customer in the database and the servicing system.

6. Evaluation: These professionals need to evaluate all types of customer issues and accordingly prepare an update.

7. Do relevant tasks: A call center specialist is required to do all types of work for the management in writing or in the software. This even includes the modifications of the procedures and activities in accordance with the communication.

8. Manage the database function: These professional are required to perform and manage at the same time all types of database functions like typing, faxing, photocopying and filing.

9. Independent: A call centre specialist is required to work independently without the help of a supervisor. He should be able to handle the call on his own –should be able to overcome the customer’s objection alone.

10. Provide support: A call center specialist is expected to help the other team members. He is even expected to provide training to other team members.

Skills required to become a Call Center Specialist

1. Basic Knowledge of Computers
Needs to have a basic knowledge of computers along with good communication skills as the job involves working with international customers

2. Work in high stressed environment
A call center specialist is expected to work in a high stressed environment.

3. Written and verbal skills
An ideal candidate should have both written and verbal communication skills.

4. Quick decisions
One should be able to make quick decisions---as the time available is less one you are talking to the customer on phone.

5. Adaptable
One needs to be adaptable as the client requirement can come any time.

Thus we observe that a Call Centre specialist Job description requires skils and task which are very challenging. One needs to be proficient and should know to do muti-tasking.

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