Civil Engineer Job Description


Civil engineering job description requires a degree in engineering, which includes the design, construction, support and maintenance of the concrete world. This includes tasks like roads, bridges, dams, canals and buildings.

Task of a Civil Engineer

The Civil Engineer jobs description requires a person who is responsible to build and maintain structures which are a part of today’s materialistic world and this include small and big buildings, small bridges to big dams and even small lanes to huge highways. This includes the application of planning, constructing, maintaining and designing while protecting the individual or the environment. In an ideal scenario a civil engineer may be involved in conducting the land surveys. The profession of civil engineer is the oldest amongst all the other engineering profession.

If we think clearly the buildings and bridges or for that matter the ceiling of the house are the first constructions that come to our mind. These are one of the integral creations of structural engineering, which is one of the major sub-disciplines of civil engineering. The water we use in our day to day life or the water we get once we open our tap are just due to civil engineering. The New York City in the U.S. has one of the best buildings in the world. It even has one of the most efficient water supplies in the world which receives billions of gallons of high quality water from a distance of more than one hundred miles. All this has been possible by qualified civil engineers.

A Civil engineer job description involves doing a lot more than their core job – of designing and building. They are even found in the aerospace industry designing the jet liners and even space stations.

These professional are found to be actively involved in the automotive industry as well - where they leave no stone unturned in enhancing the load carrying capacity of the chassis. These professionals are further found in the shipping industry, maintaining the deck of the ship and even in the power industry. We can say that they are actively involved in places which have construction. We can say that Civil Engineering is an exciting job as towards the end of day you can see your results, whether you are involved in the construction of dams, roads, bridges or expressway. In fact, we depend on civil engineering on a daily basis for a variety of things.

The skills required to become a Civil Engineer

A civil engineer job description requires one to have very good skills. He needs to be a critical thinker as he has to apply logical and reasoning in identifying the strength and weakness of the approaches to problems. A civil engineer needs to be an active listener—taking time to understand the problem and not interrupting in between.

In addition, he needs to be interactive in order to convey the information effectively. He needs to have proper judgement and should have decision making skills. He also needs to be a good negotiator besides managing the personal and financial resources.

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