Conference Organizer Job Description


The Conference Organizer Job description profile requires professional which are involved in every way of conference planning. This would also include marketing and administration.
Normally this profile requires working in the normal hours but one need to be prepared to work in unsocial hours which may include weekends and evenings. One may need to work for long which could be before the start of an exhibition or conference in order to make sure everything is good to go.

 Normally as a conference organizer jobs one would deal in three main areas of work like marketing, sales and operations. One could specialize in any one of these or deal with all three.

As far as marketing manager is concerned your job might involve event publishing and looking for suitable venues and dates. On the other hand operations work would include planning the time tables, booking the avenues and supervising along with paying the contractors.

Similarly sales would involve selling the stall space to exhibitors on phone or face to face.

Task of a conference organizer

The task of a conference organizer is very similar to exhibitions and events organization and includes the following:

- Financial and managerial administration of the enterprise in order to have good performance.

- Identifying the new business and executing it accordingly with proper implementation of the procedures.

- Selling and marketing the conferences to potential clients and delegates as to have business and further dealings.

- Doing the booking for transport, catering, accommodation and excursions in order to make the system more organized and accessible

- Commissioning promotional material and writing.

- Undertaking of the right research which is necessary for the betterment of the enterprise.
The task involves working for long hours and following strict guidelines. This even involves travelling to conference venues and spending nights away from home.

Skills required for a Conference Organizer

Like every job profile a conference organizer needs to have a special set of skills which are:

- Proficiency in written and oral communication skills which are helpful in building rapport with the clients.

- Excellent interpersonal skills along with the ability to manage time

- Ability to work well under pressure along with attention to the detail.

- Focus on the customer which is essential as the entire business is given by customers.

- Good negotiation skills along with expertise in sales and marketing in order to satisfy the clients.

- Ability and willingness to work in odd hours.

- Proficiency in language and IT skills along with multi-tasking and organizational skills.The administration skills would be an added advantage.

- Ability to maintain and build good relationship with people from all walks of life including clients and contractors.

- Awareness of the budget so that everything is under control and there is no chaos and confusion during the procession of the event.

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