Data Entry Job Description


The data entry job description profile requires a professional who is supposed to maintain and update the information on computer systems. The data entry operator needs to ensure that the information in these computers is accurate and easy to use.

Task of a Data Entry Operator

The profile of the data entry jobs requires doing challenging task which includes the following attributes.

- The task of a data entry operator involves the person to start his day by entering the information in the computerised database of the organization. The information could be related to sales, marketing or IT based depending on the organization.

- Ideally a data entry operator is required to work around 40 hours a week. One gets the option to work as a full time or part time these days.

- The data entry operator maintains data entry requirements with the help of programs designed for data and procedures.
- He also needs to verify the entered data by reviewing to ensure its reliability, correcting and re-entering it. He needs to ensure that there is no duplicity of the data.

- The data entry professional follows certain policies and procedures in order to maintain the operations.

- The data entry professional keeps the information confidential and wins the customers confidence.

- He further plays an important role in the organization by accomplishing related results as needed and thus contributes to the team effort.

- The profile of a data entry professional may require involving data research depending on the continuity of the project.

- The professional enters data through alphabet and numeric information using an established procedure.

Required skills for a data entry operator

One needs to be a computer literate for this profession as the entire job requires working on the data entry software.

One needs to fulfil the commitments and meet the required deadlines.

You need to work fast but with accuracy. You cannot afford to make mistake as the data is only important if it is perfect.

One should know how to work under pressure as this job requires one to give accurate results without compromising on quality.

One needs to have certain software skills like the knowhow of spreadsheets, database and various record related softwares.In addition they should have good written and communication skills. If a particular client is using a specific tool then the data entry specialist is required to be trained on this tool.

These professional further needs to have fast typing skills and should be comfortable in using all types of input devices like scanners and keyboards.

These professional needs to have patience as the job requires sitting long at one place. Besides this they should also have good concentration level.

Thus we see that like any other skilled job the data entry job description profile needs one to  be versatile.

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