Database Administrator Job Description


A database administrator job description requires a professional who is responsible for the performance of the database along with its security. Besides this he is actively involved in the planning and development of the database from time to time.

Task of a Database Administrator

A database administrator job profile needs to ensure that the database which these professionals are  running in particular software remains constant and consistent. He needs to ensure that he can provide the security of the database along with its retrieval. His data in the database should be clearly specified and the user for that data should find the method suitable to his requirements. The role of these professional vary which depends on the categories of the databases and also on the capabilities of a Database management system.

The task of a Database administrator involves establishing the needs of the users which includes monitoring the user access and security. The profile involves monitoring performance to provide quick response to the users at the front end. It may involve the refining of the designs which are logical so that it can be transferred to a specified data model.

The role involves the installation of the new versions of the DBMS and also maintaining the standard of the data in accordance to the Data Protection Act. An ideal scenario may require a database administrator to work with IT project managers, database programmers and even the multimedia programmers. In addition a database administrator communicates regularly with the technical and operational staff to ensure the integrity and security of the database. Nowadays as the levels of hacking has increased the security and safety has become one of the main aspects of this job profile.

Skills required for a Database Administrator

In order to manage large database a database administrator job profile requires a candidate to have strong organizational skills. A well-organized database is always easy to access which considerably improves the performance of the data base. On the contrary a database which is not properly organized would be difficult to access which would ultimately lead to the loss in the production.

These professional should know the organization of the procedure that affect the database which are the backup and recovery procedures. If there is a disaster in the data department without a well-organized procedure for recovery it would result in a financial loss for the company.

 Besides the organizational skills a Database Administrator  job profile requires a person to have a good knowledge of Technical skills as well as he is required to work in computers.

He needs to know in advance – how the computer stores and retrieves the data. He must be proficient enough to know the technical aspects of database organization and how it affects the performance of the network and computer. A database administrator should know well to solve the technical problems arising due to database design. Thus we see that the profile of a Database administrator is highly responsible and challenging and in order to fulfill its requirements one needs to be versatile.

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