Dentist Job Description


The dentist job description profile requires professional who provide restorative and preventive measures for problems affecting the teeth and mouth. It is found that majority of the dentists practice on their own while there are few who work in hospitals on a fixed salary. These professionals work in a team which consists of a dental nurse, therapist, hygienist and a technician. A receptionist in addition helps in organizing the work.

Tasks of a Dentist

Every profile requires doing some key tasks and this profile also involves the execution of the various activities in an effective manner. There are many tasks in this profile, amongst which the main are:

- Educating the patients on oral health care.

- Examining teeth and diagnosing patients further conditions related to teeth by using tools like x- rays.

- Agreeing treatment plans and assessing the treatment options.

- Carrying out agreed clinical treatments such as restoring teeth affected by decay or RCT which is root canal treatment. In addition a dentist even takes care of gum disease.

- Maintaining patients dental records from time to time.

- Recruiting the training and managing staff

- Managing budget and accordingly maintaining stocks of equipment present in the clinic.

- Keeping abreast of new developments and update through structured CPD or continuing professional development.

- Marketing services to potential clients and prospects.

In a normal scenario the hospital dentist usually consider those patients who have been referred by a GDP and accordingly provide more complex dental care. Additional post graduate qualifications are required at large for progress in this field. On the other hand dentist in the armed forces hold a commissioned rank like other defense officers.

Skills required becoming a Dentist

Dentists are professionals who take care of your tooth and gums keeping in mind the safety and hygiene of the patients. However there are certain skills which are required for this wonderful profession.

     Doctors must have excellent and perfect spatial judgment along with manual dexterity. In addition dentists also need to have good visual memory. More and more research and study indicates that poor oral health can lead to poor overall health. These days the technology is much more advanced than it used to be a few years ago. Now a dentist’s job is much broader in scope as they are the experts in treating teeth, gums and mouth.

 Besides a normal dentist there are nine other specialties in dentistry. These are endodontics, oral and maxi logical surgery, oral medicine and pathology, oral and maxi logical radiology, orthodontics and dent facial orthopedics, pediatric dentistry, periodontics, prosthodontics and dental public health.

These are the professionals which are helping the people in giving them one of the most valuable assets.

These professional are required to be soft and tough at the same time. This is the profession which gives mental satisfaction as there is nothing great than serving others.

Most popular cities for Dentist jobs:

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Most popular provinces for Dentist jobs:

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