Dietician Job Description


Health care industry is becoming very popular and it is one of the biggest industries with a variety of jobs to offer. A dietician falls in the health care industry. A dietician job description is a guide to the duties, responsibilities of a dietician. A dietician works with patients to treat illnesses by improvising and supervising their diet plans. Dieticians are experts in understanding nutritional facts and impacts of food on different metabolisms. They prepare diet charts to meet the requirements of the patients. They also may have to manage intravenous and tube feeding for some patients. Sometimes the term dietician is confused with a nutritionist. While dietician’s are clinically qualified to give treatment plans to patients, nutritionists work more like a nutrition advisor and are not qualified to treat patients.

Roles and responsibilities:

• Understand patients health conditions
• Discuss diet plans with patients
• Explain dietary requirements with clients/patients or families looking after the patients
• Prepare diet plan to suit patients’ income and financial situation
• Advise catering unit of hospitals of each patient’s dietary needs
• Follow up with patients to see that they are following diet charts and plans
• Discuss patients’ dietary needs with GPs
• Participate in workshops for health care professionals
• Prepare promotional diet related flyers for health care institutions.
• Take part in any promotional activities conducted by health institutes regarding health and nutrition

Key Skills required:

• Expertise in food and nutrition
• Understanding culinary facts of different cultures
• Understanding patient psychology
• Good communication skills
• Good interpersonal skills
• Good presentation skills

Employers: Dieticians usually work in hospitals and clinics or other health services. Some culinary and food services catering to hospitals may employ dieticians. Research institutes and universities also hire dieticians for their research projects. Salaries vary depending on the size of the hospital, clinic or health care institute that hires you.

Career prospects: Health care industry is changing and expanding constantly. People are becoming increasingly health conscious and utilise the services of a dietician to not only treat ailments but also to prevent ailments. Health conditions that require life style and food management like diabetes is becoming very common and doctors have to depend more and more on dieticians to manage such conditions. Obesity is another big challenge that the world is facing which needs food management and dieticians have a big role to play.

Qualifications required: An undergraduate degree in dietetics, food and nutrition or other health-related course, followed by an internship is required. The internship requirements depend on the country you intend to practice. A post graduate degree is required if you intend to take up research. In most countries the dietician degree program takes up to 4 years to complete and these courses must be recognised by a professional authority in that country. Ongoing training and upkeep of information is required as there is constant research going on to improvise food and health related products.
To become part of the ongoing health revolution, find out how you can become a qualified dietician. Start your career by understanding a dietician job description.

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