Doctor Job Description


A Doctor Job description requires professionals to diagnose the patients according to the tests and examinations. These professionals apply the medical knowledge and skills in order to prevent and manage the diseases. The doctors take care of the patients and work in wards and outpatient clinics. These professionals’ works in both the public and private sectors

Task of a Doctor

The profession of a Doctor is considered to be a noble profession which has been in the service of mankind for many years.

The task of a Doctor varies from category to category. The daily task of a surgeon is different for a physician or a doctor who is working in case of accident or emergency. As a matter of fact there are some tasks which are performed by doctor irrespective of their speciality, which includes

• Monitoring as well as giving personal attention to patients on hospitals wards and outpatient clinic and nursing homes.

• Admitting patients who require special care followed by investigations and particular treatments.

• Examining and talking to patients in order to diagnose their medical conditions

• Carrying out procedures which are special like performing operation which may include surgery and special investigations.

• Making notes and preparing paperwork which may be required as a legal record of treatment and for the benefit of other healthcare professionals.

• Working with other doctors in a professional manner as part of a team which could be in the same department or other specialists.

• Liaising with other staff (medical and non-medical) in to the hospital in order to provide good treatment besides promoting the health education.

• Undertaking responsibility at the manager level like planning the work load and staffing of a department which would be particularly at more senior levels.

• Teaching junior doctors and medical students and also involve in auditing and research.

The doctor job description requires treating the patients and referring them to healthcare professionals which may include nurses, pharmacists and physiotherapists. There are a number of specialists which doctors work with, out of which the most common are

• Emergency medicine

• General medicine

• General surgery

• Obstetrics and Gynaecology

• Paediatrics

• Anaesthetics

• Trauma and orthopaedic

Requirements to become a Doctor


If we consider the academic requirements for this profile it is the toughest of all the profession. You need to earn an undergraduate degree in order to lay the foundation for the medical college. This degree could be in any field but the students need to be proficient in subjects like chemistry, biology and mathematics.


After the successful completion of studies in the medical school the doctors need to complete a residency program in their respective speciality. The residency program is for the duration of three to eight years depending on the chosen speciality. Once this program is completed the doctors become licensed and they can practice independently.


Besides the practical skills and the general knowledge of education which they have learned in the residency program doctors need to have some specific skills.
The doctors need to have excellent communication skills so that they can interact with the staff, patients and the general public. This involves the explanation of the difficult subject matter and displaying empathy to patients.

Business Knowledge

Business knowledge and skills are very important for doctors who have their own practice. Doctors need to know the effect of health care laws and react in the right manner. In addition the doctors should be able to handle the conditions of insurance which is for the betterment of their profession and patients.

Thus we see that the Doctor Job description requires special knowledge and skills which helps them to improvise on their career.

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