Ergonomist Job Description


The Ergonomist job profile requires professionals who deal with the equipments, transportation and systems. They are majorly involved in the safety and efficiency of these things. These professionals ensure the health, comfort and protection of the people by the help of scientific information. The work place of these professionals varies due to their work profile. These professionals work in product design, production systems, transport design, information and advanced technology.

Task of an Ergonomist

The task of an ergonomist varies depending on the area of work like health and safety, health care, transport or the design of new product. The core responsibilities of an ergonomist ensure that a system or product is in accordance with the needs of the user. This usually involves:

a) The investigation of the physical and psychological capabilities along with the limitations of the human body.

b) The analysis and observation on the use of machinery and equipment by the people.

c) Assessment of the work environments and their effects on the users.

d) Using the results of the assessment to know the areas of improvement for proper application of methods.

e) Designing the practical solutions in order to apply these improvements for the overall improvement and development within the organization.

f) Undertaking the work place risk assessments and their application

g) The production of user manuals in order to make use of the new products in a proper way.

h) The production of the reports of recommendations and findings to take necessary steps.

i) Compiling the data and writing the proposals for the betterment

j) Improving the design of the products like cars, leisure facilities and furniture office by implementing the thorough knowledge of the human body.

k) Interviewing people as a part of the research process. This even involves observing these people in a particular environment

l) The visits at different environments like office, hospitals and factories as to ensure the assessment of health and safety standards .

m) The provision of information, training and advice to the clients and team members.

n) Inclusion as an expert witness for industrial injury and mishappening and

o) The management and implementation of the section of projects.

Skills required for an Ergonomist

An ideal candidate for the Ergonomist job description profile needs to have the following special skills which includes

a) A good understanding of numeracy

b) Understanding technical concepts and their implementation

c) Showing interest in the behavior of people in different situations

d) Solving the problem in an effective way

e) Working well with people at different stages and levels

f) A organized approach to analyze the work environment of people in order to produce research

g) Fairly good negotiation and communication skills.

Thus we see that an Ergonomist job profile description requires professionals who are punctual and equally skilled to perform the required task in an effective manner.

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