Financial Planner Job Description


Have you ever struggled to make a budget and increase your wealth through investments and savings? Were your aware that there are Financial Planners who can help you with this? In a financial planner job description, you will find everything that a financial planner can do to make your money work for you. Financial planners are also commonly known as financial advisors. Most financial planners work independently with clients who may be individuals or companies that hire them to make budgetary plans, recommendations on investments and other financial advice. The main role of a financial planner is to prepare a short term, medium term and long term financial plant that can help the clients achieve their financial goals. A good financial planner will help the client to identify their financial goals. Investment companies and banks also hire financial planners to sell their pension, investment and savings schemes. Financial planners may work as general financial advisors or specialise in certain products like pension schemes or mortgage packages etc.

• Meeting clients to discuss and understand their financial requirements
• Understanding clients’ current financial situation
• Understanding clients’ financial goals
• Preparing financial plans for clients to suit their financial goals
• Reviewing financial plans as and when required
• Provide well researched information about financial products available
• Advice clients about suitable financial products
• Assist clients to prepare budgets, investments and saving plans
• Negotiate product rates with sellers/financial service providers
• Keep up-to-date information about the legislation and financial products
• Assist clients to financial decision

Key Skills required:

• Excellent people skills
• Good communication skills
• Listening skills
• Interpersonal skills
• Networking skills
• Numerical understanding and skills
• Analytical skills
• Organisational skills
• Time management skills

Employers: Generally Financial analysts are self-employed and work independently either from home or private offices. They can be employed by individuals who require help with planning their finances, companies, banks and investment institutions.

Career prospects:
Financial planners may find other career options as financial consultants. They may also chose to go in for teaching as an option. There are career options to become financial analysts and investment advisors.

Qualifications required: Graduates in any discipline can become financial planners if they have the right personal attributes; however a degree in business, economics, accountancy or financial studies can be an advantage. Though certification is not essential for financial planners, it can add value to their business or practice. To sell some financial products a licence is required. Financial planners also need to be computer literate with good skills in preparing excel spread sheets. Work experience in customer service or sales is also helpful.

Though financial planners have been around for a long time, in some countries it is still not a regularised service. Some countries have certification boards to confer certifications to recognise the skills of a financial planner. As the industry grows and changes, the financial planner job description also may undergo changes.

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