Fitness Centre Manager Job Description


The Fitness Centre Manager job description profile requires professionals who work in centres or clubs that contain a fitness gym.
Tasks of a Fitness Centre Manager
The task of a fitness centre manager varies according to the size and facilities of the centre.

The main tasks of a fitness centre manager includes

a) Designing and promoting activities to meet customer demand and ultimately generate revenue. For this one needs to be updated all by himself about the latest equipments and techniques.

b) Advertising and promoting the club or centre to increase usage that may even include considering and commissioning market research.

c) Recruiting, training and supervising staff. This may even include managing staff rot as

d) Carrying out health and safety checks on the equipment and site. This is beneficial in avoiding disappointment at the last hour.

e) Managing maintenance, insurance, cleaning and repairs

f) Maintaining high levels of customer care with a particular focus on avoiding loss of existing customers. This is helpful in expanding the business of the centre as word of mouth plays a vital role in such type of industries

g) Giving priority to target activities and user groups.(This is especially in local authority centre)

h) Handling complaints and incidents like accidents or theft.

i) Delivering fitness training or coaching in sports activities which is a good way of maintain contacts with customers

j) Preparing and checking the budgets and generating the income

k) Keeping stock records and cashing-up

l) Purchasing equipments and supplies

m) Using advanced management information in order to improve provision and timetables. In addition this also requires coping up with fluctuations in demand.

n) Writing monthly or weekly reports and preparing cash projections for centre owners or senior management

The core task of a fitness centre manager usually covers the broad areas of marketing the facility and any special events. This also includes managing staff and dealing with the technical aspects of fitness provision. Moreover the manager is accountable for the profitability of the centre.
Fitness centre managers are also known as health club manager, leisure club manager or sports centre manager.

Skills required becoming a fitness centre manager

The person for this job profile needs to have certain skills.
The candidate must be physically fit and should have sound customer service combined with management, sales and marketing skills. It is always an advantage if a candidate for this profile has good communication skills which help to make the interaction more healthy and beneficial. This eventually leads to generation of income for the centre.
Good problem solving skills is always an added advantage. This helps in building good rapport with the customer. This directly or indirectly affects the business of the centre in a positive way.
The candidate should also have first aid qualification. This is useful in the application of the medicines in the case of medical emergencies or injuries.

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