Graphic Designer Job Description

Graphic design is a method which involves visual communication and problem solving with the help of type, space and image. Graphic designer is a professional who is within the graphic arts and design industry. He collects images and motion graphics to create a good design. These designs are required for a variety of products and activities which could be websites or advertising and which could even be books and magazines. Further to add to this list could be posters, computer games and product packaging.

A graphic designer works in accordance with the client, creative director or account manager. These clients bring creative ideas and concepts. They choose the suitable and right media and style to meet the objectives.

This work demands creative and up-to-date knowledge of industry software. It even requires one to have a professional approach as far as time, costs and deadlines are concerned as these three factors are concerned vital in every industry.

Task of Graphic designer

A graphic designer's profile might involve managing more than one design brief at a time. It may also involve selecting the right amount of time according to the value of the job. This involves

• Fixing meeting with the clients for business objectives and requirements of the job;
• Understanding the client's business
• Estimating and managing the time required to complete the work
• Create and develop design briefs
• Thinking creatively and widely for new ideas and concepts;
• Simultaneously getting innovative and creative in order to reconstruct a design sample within the limits of cost and time;
• Presenting finalised ideas and concepts for clients/ account managers;
• Working with a wide range of media which includes photography and computer-aided design.
• Proofreading for the production of accurate and high-quality work;
• Contribution and support for ideas and design artwork
• Presentation and demonstration of illustrative skills with rough sketches;
• Work on layouts
• Keeping update of upcoming technologies in new media and print.
• Growth and development for interactive design;
• Contribute and work as a team player with printers and copywriters or photographers and illustrators for that matter.

Whether graphic designers are self-employed or freelancers or even employed within a business they often need to be proactive in presenting or expressing their ideas and designs to the agency director or prospective clients.

Not all but few of the graphic design skills can be taught but skills like- an eye for design and aptitude are a must and should be in built. A graphic designer needs to have active listening skills in order to listen to a client and also to redevelop in design. In addition they should also have good written and verbal communication skills for communicating with clients, peers and employers. It is a very common scenario that graphic designers will work on several projects at one time and therefore must be good in multi-tasking along with time management skills. Graphic designers work with a wide variety of different mediums and so must be knowledgeable enough about how each works. They should be acquainted with the ground knowledge of print and online media in order to create designs best suited to those mediums. The reason being because many times what works for one does not work for another. Graphic designer job is a job which requires being versatile and patient at the same time.

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