Help Desk Job Description


A help desk job description is a resource designed to provide the customer with relevant information along with support and guidance related to the company’s product and services. Usually the main purpose of the help desk is to troubleshoot problems or give guidance about products like computer, food, software and electronics. In addition, we can say that the product could be tangible as well as intangible.

Role of a Help Desk

The most important role of a help desk job description requires

1. Providing solutions and proper guidance for a particular product or service. An ideal help desk can effectively perform many functions.

2. The main feature of Help desk is that it acts as a SPOC or a single point of contact for consumers – which further help to get relevant answers to the questions, solve the problems and get help in troubleshooting.

3. A help desk usually takes the help of a particular type of software to manage its request. A help desk plays a vital role for Corporate and other sectors – the reason being the quality of help desk services affects the business with a great deal. These days these corporate regularly provide help desk support through different mediums like toll free numbers, email, instant messaging and even websites.

4. The function of a help desk depends on the size of the organization. A smaller organization may ideally contain a small help desk department where the issues can be solved then and there instantly or within no time.

On the other hand large help desk is classified into many different levels in order to effectively handle different type of queries.
This could be illustrated with a small example – the first level may be limited to answer the questions and thus provide the solution to questions found in FAQ. If the issue is not resolved here it can be passed to the second level where it will have further resources to handle the more difficult issues. An organization can also have a third level of help desk support which would be ideal in relating to software specific needs-as this particular level of help desk directly affects the client.

Skills required for the Help Desk.

A help desk professional or help desk job description requires a professional who has to keep a balance of the customer service skills with the technical expertise.
He needs to be technically sound apart from being a customer service employee. This means these professionals not only have the current education and training on the technology they work on but they need to continue learning.

A help desk professional needs to communicate effectively in order to train the users for a particular product. This training given to the users and clients will help them to use the product in the right manner.
In addition help desk professional is required to manage the complaints of the customer along with troubleshooting.

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