é Hotel Manager Job Description

Hotel Manager Job Description


The smiling face of a well-dressed person when you enter a hotel is possibly that of a Hotel Manager. Customer service is the core duty of a Hotel Manager and client satisfaction remains to be the essence of the Hotel Manager Job description. Hospitality and hotel business is the centre of the service industry. The hotel industry is ever expanding and jobs in this industry are always in great demand. Hotel industry offers a variety of jobs from the least qualified and experienced to the most qualified and experienced. Hotel managers are responsible for the overall running of the hotel and its operations, including staff management, resource management and budgeting. Various aspects of the business such as food and beverage (restaurants), house-keeping and laundry, store keeping are all managed by the hotel managers. Hotel managers are responsible for the overall functioning of the hotel and its profitability. Hotel Managers work in a fast paced environment and should be highly energetic, focused and quick thinkers with good problem solving skills and ability to think on their feet.

Roles and responsibilities:

• Room sales and front office management

• Food and beverages and Banquet management

• Staff hire, training and roster management

• Budgeting, revenue forecasting and planning

• Logistics and Operational management

• Hotel renovations and maintenance

• Dealing with customer care and queries

• Time to time inspection of the property

• Liaising with contractors and vendors

Key Skills required:

• Excellent communication skills

• Presentation skills

• Customer service skills

• Time management skills

• Eye for detail

• Enthusiastic

• Interpersonal skills

• Ability to work under pressure

• Problem solving skills

Employers: Hotels, Cruise ships, International chain of hotels are the big employers. Opportunities also exist in smaller establishments like bed and breakfast accommodations. Large corporates also employ people with hotel management experience in their PR and guest management departments.

Career prospects: Hotel Management jobs are always in demand as hotels are constantly seeking to employ candidates with exposure and experience in the field. Due to the high work pressure the turnover rate is high in the hotel industry and therefore recruitments happen all year round. Most big hotels have good training programs for their staff and growth prospects for the right candidates who are willing to work hard and have the right attitude.

Qualifications required: No specific qualification is required to start a career in the hotel industry. Entry level jobs are typically kitchen service and room service staff. Staff with experience and training can move on to supervisory roles. Supervisors with considerable years of experience can move on to become Hotel Managers. Hotel Managers require specific skills and there are courses that offer training in this field. There are undergraduate programs in Hotel and Hospitality Management and also Travel and tourism. A general degree in business is also useful in gaining employment in this industry.

Check out the Hotel Management Job description and check in to a career of hotel management with confidence.

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Most popular provinces for Hotel Manager jobs:

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