Human Resource Assistant Job Description


The human resource assistant job description requires a professional who can take care of all the employees of the organization in accordance to the policies.

Tasks of Human Resource Assistant

Knowing the organization

A human resource assistant needs to clearly understand the operation of the organisation. In addition this profile requires the understanding of the business and commercial objectives of the company.

Recruitment and staffing
As a human resource assistant one has a major role in short listing and selecting the right candidates. This professional ensures that the right candidate is selected who is economical as well as an asset for the organization. These professional can take help of various agencies or consultants for this purpose.

Training and development
These professional give training about the HR policies from time to time as these are very important to work in any organization. They are required to deliver the necessary udates from time to time.

Clerical work
The human resource assistant performs a wide range of clerical jobs along with administrative and other support jobs.

Provide phone services
The human resource assistant provides customer service both in person and on phone along with the screening and directing the telephone calls. In addition they are required to answer the questions from employees regarding the different HR issues.

Support to HR division
The human resource assistant provides clerical and general support to the HR division. This could involve typing the letters, memorandum, preparing a variety of reports relating to the human resource management programs.

It is the duty of the human resource assistant along with the other human resource officials to ensure the well-being of all the employees of the organisation. This may include the provision of right environment, facilities, and leave and reimbursement policies.

Maintain the list
The human resource assistant professional is required to maintain the list and provide the names of all the eligible candidates to the concerned departments upon the approved request.

Process personnel action forms
The human resource assistant very efficiently processes the personnel action forms and also maintains personnel records for the time to time performance evaluations.

Perform general office support duties
The human resource assistant performs various general office duties which includes photocopying, maintaining the calendar, process mail and even giving incoming and outgoing packages.
Besides the above mentioned tasks a human resource assistant performs a various types of office support and clerical jobs in support of the human resource department. In addition these officials even provide technical human resources management services within the organization. This professional is required to maintain confidentiality while maintaining critical reports.

In addition the human resource assistant’s job description requires one to understand and apply general departmental and administrative policies along with the procedures. These professional are required to answer the questions and provide relevant details and information to the employees, outside agencies and even the general public. Thus we see that this profile is challenging apart from being creative and needs proper coordination amongst the team members.

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