Human Resource Director Job description


The human resource director job description requires a professional who can find solutions for areas like staffing and pay roll. One is required to have coordination with other colleagues in order to work as a team.

Tasks of Human resource director

Understanding the organization
A human resource director needs to clearly understand the operation of the organisation. In addition this profile requires the understanding of the business and commercial objectives of the company.

Equal Oppurtunity

A human resource director makes the employee understand about the equal opportunity term. Equality and diversity exist at the same time within the organization to ensure that there is no difference with respect to caste, creed, religion and sex.

As a director of human resources one has a major role in short listing and selecting the right candidates. This professional ensures that the right candidate is selected who is economical as well as an asset for the organization.

Training and development
These professional give training about the HR policies from time to time as these are very important to work in any organization.


The director of human resources is actively involved in counselling the employees if it’s required. Counselling may be imparted which could be a result of certain issues.

Salary reviews
The director of human resource gives timely updated about the salary and certain other features. It is his duty to give updates from time to time so that there is no confusion when an employee draws his salary.

Welfare of staff
It is the duty of the Director of human resource to ensure the well-jobbeing of all the employees of the organisation. This may include the provision of right environment, facilities, and leave and reimbursement policies.

Sports and social activities
The director of human resource ensures that there is an activity in the organization which involves sports and socialism. This is necessary to build rapport amongst the employees. If there is social gathering within the organization it helps a great deal in developing a healthy atmosphere. This ultimately leads to the well-being of the organization.

Required skills for Director Human Resource
This is a challenging job which requires special kind of skills. One needs to be a quick thinker and should be able to take fast decision. One should be focussed on delivering the best possible results and services for the organization. A person is expected to be a good speaker and would even challenge others if met with any unfamiliar situations. One needs to be open-minded along with an inquisitive nature in order to get new ways for the upliftment of the organization. One should have the ability to work efficiently with people within and outside the organization.
Thus we see that the job description of the director of human resource department is not an ordinary one is requires lots of hard work with smartness.


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