Human Resource Officer Job Description


Human resource officer’s job description outlines the range of responsibilities (s) he must fulfill when appointed in any organization, regardless of the field it is associated with. A human resource officer is required to present administrative services to the organization in various ways like selections of the personnel to be employed, advising the management on matters like pay dealings, disciplinary actions, idleness planning along with matters of negotiating policies and employment law. Depending on the requirements of the organization one works for (s) he will have his/her duties to keep. These will be variable and can be listed as follows.

Obligations of a human resource officer:

• Determination of number of staff, the skills and qualifications required from all, in order to meet with the organization’s aims and resolutions and creation of job descriptions for various departments.

• Broadcasting advertisements for staff openings, analyzing applications, conducting interviews, arranging of selection tests, going through the collected reports and then recommending the suitable candidates to the management are a few responsibilities of a human resource officer.

• Managing records of the employee’s regarding their pays, leaves, training programs and related reports by making use of various management information procedures; a human resource officer keeps the organization’s human resource in check.

• Many different training and educational programs are conducted under the supervision of a human resource officer for enhancing their skills. Furthermore a human resource officer’s job description entails that (s) he is required to assist the staff in work matters, career follow ups and personal issues.

• Arranging personnel welfare services like the health plans including first aid and fire squad training to be ready for use in emergency situations.

• Taking part in venturing bargain talks where the human resource of the organization discusses the policies regarding development of precise working methods and dealings (wages and time required).
In order to meet these requirements a human resource officer’s job description describes certain skills and personal attributes a person must have to pursue this job.

Personal Requirements:

• Must be an excellent planner in order to manage the organizing and arrangement part of his/her job in a firm manner.

• Should have ideal communication skills both verbal and written to maintain records while working.

• Should have a confident grasp over IT skills and deal with databases, spreadsheets, word processing and accounts packages.

• Must have good commercial awareness and keep up with the rapidly developing era by attending workshops and certain schooling sessions regarding the human resource officer’s job description.

• Counseling the staff members about any personal issues or job problems make it necessary for the human resource officer to be a person of good conduct and pleasant attitude towards his/her colleagues.

• Should be able to work in team and with good attention to detail.

Human resource officer’s job description therefore mentions him/her to be a member of an organization who has to recruit and oversee employments and their development throughout their career in the respective firm. A patient, tactful and discreet attitude towards the clients is highly appreciable for this job.

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