IT Project Manager Job Description


The IT project manager job description requires a professional who takes care of the process which involves planning and executing the responsibilities around the organization’s IT goals. There are various types of IT projects where IT project managers are required. These could be designing the software development activities such as programming a small application or programming a large scale software. Sometimes these projects involve web development which requires updating a web page or create an online shopping site.

Task of an IT Project Manager

As the other project members are distributed across different offices and teams it becomes the core responsibility of an IT Project Manager to ensure that the projects are delivered on time within the budget.

The IT manager could work for an IT company or for any company which depends on IT systems. The following are the key roles of an IT Project Manager.

1. An IT manager needs to know and find out what the client wants from their IT system.

2. The IT manager needs to ensure that the cost, deadlines and the quality standards are met according to the set targets.

3. He is required to keep the clients and the managers up to date about the progress.

4.  Should be able to travel in order to meet the clients. The IT Project Manager can even work overseas if he is working for a multinational company.

5. Cordinating the work of other IT professionals and staffs of the administration department to produce a new and efficient system of software.

6. The IT project Manager has the main responsibility of meeting the client’s need.

These managers are in great demand in certain types of businesses like technology companies, financial service companies, Health Care Retail, Distribution and Educational Institutions.

Required skills for an IT Project Manager

Like every job description the IT project manager Job Description alos requires some special skills/qualifications and the same goes with an IT Project Manager.

You may move easily to an IT project manager if you are already working as an IT professional and taken a responsibility for the development of the project.

In addition you need to have the required relevant qualifications.One should have proficiency in subjects like Computing, Infomation Systems, Project Management and Business Management.

You need to have excellent leadership skills along with good problem solving skills. You should have a structural and methodical approach to projects.

You should also have excellent IT skills along with good written and spoken communication skills.

Being flexible in your approach towards your work as well as having a good understanding of business demands.

As an IT Project Manager you must be adjusting as you are required to work with other professionals.

We shouln't miss here that having excellent time management skills and meetting the deadlines is must here.

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