Journalist Job Description


The job of a journalist can be very exciting, fast paced and stressful at the same time. Journalists play an important role in making public aware of the day to day happenings in different parts of the country. The Journalist Job description can be lengthy as it involves several tasks including writing stories, work out on its layout, photography and sub-editing. Journalists have to cover various topics including politics, business, sports, education, cinema and art, and other general news. The word journalism is usually associated with newspapers and magazines, however in recent years e-newspapers are becoming increasingly popular. Careers options in journalism are quite varied with a lot of scope of professional growth. Right from reporting incidents and events to doing an in depth research are all several tasks in the field of journalism. Correspondents, reporters, feature writers, editors, sub-editors, chief editors are some of the many terms used in the journalism world.

Roles and responsibilities:

• Gather information and verify its authenticity

• Report an incident or event

• Write a story on an incident or event that has been reported

• Conduct interviews as and when required

• Research on various topics to write articles

• Proof reading and editing

• Attend press conferences

• Attend social, business, sports, community events

• Produce reports and write ups in a timely manner

• Liaising with government departments, agencies to gather news and information

Key Skills required:

• Excellent writing and editing skills

• Excellent communication and Interviewing skills

• Must have a keen eye for details

• Motivational skills

• Good people skills

• Presentation skills

• Time management skills

• Efficiency and accuracy

• Enthusiastic

• Confidentiality

Employers: Though newspapers, magazines and Television and Radio news channels are the biggest employers, journalists can find employment in various other companies. Most big corporates have a PR department that hire candidates with journalism background. Opportunities are also available with government departments, PR agencies, educational institutes and media houses.

Career prospects: Opportunities are in abundance in media and communication industry. Media and communication is a growing industry and the skills acquired in this industry can be carried over to many other areas. Developing a portfolio will be useful if you intend to work in the core field of journalism.

Qualifications required: A natural flair for writing and storytelling is essential for a good journalist. At and entry level a minimum school certificate is required, however with a growing demand for jobs in the field there is a lot of competition and more and more employers are seeking out candidates with qualifications. These skills can also be acquired through formal education especially through specialised courses in Mass media communication, journalism or an undergraduate degree in language, social studies, political science and commerce.

News and newspapers are indispensable to any community, state or country. If we are able to get first-hand information about any major event, incident across the world almost immediately, it is the hard work of journalists. The journalist job description will continue to evolve and change with the continual changes in technology in medial communications.

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