Lawyer Job Description


The lawyer job description profile requires professionals who represent clients in civil and criminal proceedings and litigations. A lawyer can specialize in a single are or can have his expertise in many.

Task of a lawyer

The task of a lawyer requires doing the following challenging tasks like:

a) Represent client and customers in the court.In addition observing and obtaining information from all the relevant sources.

b) Work on presenting the evidence order to defend the clients.

c) Select jurors, meet the judges and question witnesses during the trial.

d) Study constitution, regulations to get the ramifications of the classes.

e) Interpret laws, ruling and regulations for individuals and enterprises.

f) Present cases to judges and juries in an organized manner.

g) Prepare legal documents and opinions along with filing appeals.

h) Analyze the status of the cases using legal knowledge.

i) Study the legal data in order to determine prosecuting lawsuit.

j) Develop strategies in preparation for presentation of the cases.

k) Advise the prospects about the business transactions, claim, legal rights and obligations.

l) Gather proof or evidence for defense in order to start the legal actions.

m) Negotiation in settling the civil disputes

n) Prepare the legal documents like wills, deeds, contracts and leases.

o) Supervising the assistants in legal proceedings

p) Work on the administrative and management aspects related to the practice of law.

q) Search and examine public and legal records in order to establish ownership.

r) Act as guardian, trustee, executor or agent for individuals or enterprise

s) Help in developing the programs at the state level.

Skills required becoming a lawyer

The profession of a lawyer is very challenging as it requires dealing with people from all walks of life. This profession requires skills which are special in their own way. These include

a) People skills: Lawyers need to have strong and effective interpersonal skills as they interact with clients and customers of many types. An ideal profile of a lawyer requires patience, empathy along with the ability to gain the client’s trust. A good personality is an asset when it comes to gathering information from the client.

b) Observation along with focus: The lawyers should be good observers in order to judge the clients and also the opponents. They should be able to concentrate with mind and body and should be able to avoid the distractions.

c) Memory and learning: The lawyers must be able to memorize lots of information on cases, laws and precedents. They should also demonstrate their mastery and expertise of the subject by passing the bar exam.

d) Public speaking skills: This is the main skill which a lawyer should have as speaking on behalf of client is a major role of lawyer’s profile. They must present their case clearly and effectively in the court irrespective of the client or the opposing lawyers.

Thus a lawyer job description requires one to be proficient in many ways.

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