Manager Job Description


A manager has a variety of tasks depending on the nature and size of the business. It is very difficult to have a standard Manager Job description as the role of the Manager will mainly depend on the requirement of the company. Almost all companies need a manager, including sole proprietorships where the owner plays the role of a manager. Big corporates may need managers for different departments and a General Manager to head the team of Managers. Some businesses require managers with specific skills and knowledge to run their business efficiently.  In a nutshell Managers are employed to oversee the day to day running of any business. They are the first point of contact for staff and management.  Their duties can administrative, clerical and managerial all at the same time.

 A general job description of a manager will have these tasks:

- Staff supervision
- Staff hiring and training
- Job allocation to staff
- Performance appraisals
- Planning and budgeting
- Files and record management
- Resource management and office supplies management
- Managing health and safety at work
- Ensure good customer service
- Managing staff rosters
- PR and marketing
Key Skills required:

- Managerial and supervisory skills
- Interpersonal and communication skills
- Leadership skills
- Problem solving and analytical skills
- Knowledge of regulations and policies
- Time management skills
- Working under pressure
- Computer literacy and skills

Employers:  Managers are hired by private sector as well as public sectors, Government and NGOs, Small, medium and large business, for profit businesses and Non-profit or Voluntary organisations.  Health, education, pharmaceuticals, infrastructure, engineering are some of the industries where managers have opportunities.  Manager Jobs are most advertised in local Newspapers, recruitment agencies and employment websites.

Career prospects:  Salaries depend largely on the size of the business and the tasks assigned to the Manager. Many big corporates have ongoing Management trainee programs and also in-house training programs for their Managers.  Large corporates encourage their managers to study further to grow in their organisations. Most managers start at the lowest level of the business and with considerable experience become managers. With the right aptitude, attitude and training you can reach the top management level.

Qualifications required:   An undergraduate degree is desirable. There are many undergraduate and post graduate programs available in the field of management. A general degree in Management is a starting point for a good start to a career as a manager.  There are specialised programs which are required for specific industries such as Retail and chain Management, Hotel Management, Hospital Management. At postgraduate level, you will be able to major with a specialisation in Marketing, Finance, Operations and HR. Big corporates hire Managers to head different departments.
A manager is required to perform a wide variety of roles depending on the nature and size of the company. A customised Manager Job description will help the business to find a suitable candidate for their business.

Most popular cities for Manager jobs:

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Most popular provinces for Manager jobs:

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