Marketing Assistant Job Description


The marketing assistant job description profile requires a professional who supports marketing managers and executives in their work to work on projects implemented for the company’s benefit.

Tasks of a Marketing Assistant

The job description of a marketing assistant requires doing certain key tasks like:

1. The marketing assistant compiles and distributes financial/statistical information like spreadsheets for budget.

2. He needs to study and analyse different questionnaires. This is done to gain proper knowledge.

3. A marketing assistant writes report and even writes brochures for the organization which is necessary .

4. He needs to organize and host the presentation in the company. This gives the remaining employees a fair idea of the strategies for marketing.

5. He assists the other employees with the promotional activities.

6. A marketing assistant is required to visit the customers and external agencies from time to time. This helps in building a good rapport with the customer.

7. He needs to help in organizing the market research which is the main domain for this position.

Required skills for marketing assistant

1. Since the job description of a marketing assistant requires professionalism an ideal candidate needs to have special skills. Some of these skills can be listed as:

2. The profile needs the candidate to be full of confidence as he needs to meet the clients and even go for presentation at regular intervals of time.

3. Organizational skills are one of the key qualities which an individual should have for this profile. This skill is must as it would help the candidate in knowing the organization to a desired level.

4. He needs to have awareness about the commercial aspects of the market as this helps the organization to take the steps in the right direction which could be investment or taking stake in the market.

5. An ideal candidate for this profile needs to be adaptable to the surroundings and environment within the organization. At times he needs to be working in a totally new atmosphere.

6. A marketing assistant needs to be creative as to plan new strategies. He needs to have new ideas on a daily basis which would give choice in selecting the right option beneficial for the company.

7. He needs to be a good team player and thus needs to provide with quality work with the support of other team members.

8. A marketing assistant needs to have good communication which is helpful to him in dealing with the clients and the consumers. Moreover this skill motivates him in his job to a great extent.

9. Apart from the communication skills a marketing assistant needs to have numerical skills as the job involves a descent amount of calculation.

10. The candidate for marketing assistant needs to be proficient in the IT sector as well..

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