Network Administrator Job Description


The network Administrator job description requires a professional who takes care in the designing, modification and installation of the computer systems of a company. This primarily includes the designing and installation of LANs, WANs, internet and the intranet systems.

Tasks of a Network Administrator

The profile of a Network Administrator requires doing the following key tasks.

1. A network administrator needs to take care of the installation and maintenance of the LANs, WANs, network, internet and the intranet systems.

2. He needs to take care of the installation, support and maintenance of the hardware and the software as well.

3. He needs to ensure the safety and availability to specific users for which he has to monitor the networks.

4. He needs to identify the needs of the user and also evaluate and modify the performance of the system. In fact all the daily jobs depends on the system.

5. He needs to determine the requirement of the network and the systems.

6. He also needs to establish and maintain the integrity of the network, server and security.

7. Needs to ensure that the connectivity through the LAN/WAN of a company meets the technical considerations.

8. He maintains the network facility in the personal or individual machine like the drivers of a personal computer or a printer.

9. He needs to maintain the servers of the network like the VPN gateways and file servers.

Required skills for a Network Administrator

Since the network administrator job description profile is not an ordinary profile the skills required are also challenging. Some of the key skills for this profile are

1. One needs to have patience in this field as everybody expects you to be perfect all the time.

2. Technical skills are a must for this profile as it is required to deal only technically issues.

3. Along with the other skills you need to be proficient in IT management.

4. The candidate should have good interpersonal skills as he is required to update and give his views.

5. A person working for this profile should be fully of energy and enthusiasm as it requires being on toes every time.

6. He needs to be a good team player as he needs to exchange the feedback and the ideas.

7. One needs to be a good starter and ready to take initiative.

8. As the profile is a very responsible one needs to fulfil the commitments and meet the deadlines without which it would not work at all.

9. In addition to the above skills he needs to be a keen analyser and should give attention to the details of the product.

Thus we see that the Network Administrator job description profile is a very technical and knowledgeable profile. You need to have special people with special skills to meet the requirements.

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