Network Engineer Job Description



A network engineer Job Description involves the implementation, designing as well as the supporting of the communication networks. This could be within the organization or between different organizations.

Task of a Network Engineer

The primary goal of a network engineer job description or profile is to ensure the availability of a high network facility in order to provide maximum output and performance for their users like the staff, clients and the customers. These networks may or may not include these three which are computer, voice and firewall. A network engineer can work both internally within an organization as part of an IT team or externally as an outsourced consulting It firm –which could be working with a number of clients. The role of a network engineer varies according to the size of an organization, he is working with. In a large organization he may have a particular responsibility for one area of a system but at the same time in a small organization he may be responsible for any It related problem. If we see the networks on which a network engineer works the list is long like the LAN or the local area network, which connects a small area lie a school, office or a building. Then we have MAN or the Metropolitan Area Network which connects a large are such as city. After this we have a network called the WAN or Wide Area Network which connects or links nationally and internationally. Similarly we have PAN or the Personal Area Network and DAN or the Desk Area Network.

Moreover the role of a network engineer primarily involves establishing the networking environments by directing system installation and designing system configuration. The role further involves the configuration of routing equipments and hosted IP voice services. This even includes the basic configuration of the firewalls. It further requires the network engineer to have a liaison with project management team, service desk engineers and 3rd line engineers. It even requires the engineer to be in touch with the customers via phone or email in order to capture the initial requirement.

Skills required for Network Engineer.
A network engineer job description ideally requires the professional to serve as an employee of a category of first line management due to which he is considered a senior professional. The organization depends on the expertise and experience of this person. In general a network engineer is responsible for the management of the project and consulting. This is such a job which requires being on toes all the time as a network is the backbone of an organization. This is a job where one needs to be patient and qualified at the same time as a problem in the network can occur any time of the day. This may even require one to work on odd hours if the network goes off because ignoring this problem means lack of access which would ultimately result in the financial loss for the organization.

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