Network Technician Job Description



A network technician job description requires an IT professional who is actively involved in building the computer networks with emphasis on trouble shooting. These professionals are directly involved in trouble shooting and repair of both the hardware and software products.

Task of Network Technician

A network technician’s profile or job description involves many different roles which help in the proper functioning of organization.
First of all a network technician identifies, resolves and troubleshoot the hardware-software and network related issues which could be due to the end users of a specified network, the internet,PCs and computer technology in general.

He is involved in the installation and configuration of the Windows and Mac operating systems which could be the result of the demand of a rigid network design. He even trains the end users on the use of the various operating systems and applications. He is even engaged in the installation and certification of the campus and remote campus network cabling infrastructure. He performs the network administration on networks servers as and when required. A network technician is expected to use established tracking system in order to log requests and monitor the progress. He effectively communicates with the managers about the unresolved problems.

A network technician works with the vendors to fix and resolve the issues arising out of the hardware operating system. He does a proper research and tests possible solutions. Moving ahead he studies and analyse the bugs in the system, researches and implements the proper solution.

A network technician works with the programmer as well in order to solve the mainframe application problems. This is directly linked to the end user computing needs.
A network technician also writes scripts and batch files which is necessary to increase the efficiency of the operating system.

Skills required to become a Network Technician
The very first thing which you need to fulfil for a network technician job description is to have a fair knowledge of network architecture and design. You also need to have a clear understanding of the working of TCP.One needs to have a sound knowledge of the operating methods of the local network and internet and ideally you should also know the configuration of the router. One needs to have a working knowledge of specific concepts like Subnetting,ACLs,traffic shaping and network load balancing. One even needs to know the wiring of the Ethernet cables.

Thus a profile of a Network Technician is a challenging one which requires lots of hard work blended with patience and knowledge. One needs to keep his cool and at the same time perform so that the execution of the technical system in the organization moves smoothly. As the job demands a combination of various skills one needs to be good in multi-tasking. Along with a sound technical knowledge a proper co-ordination with the mid management is expected from a network technician as this would directly benefit the company financially.

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