Pharmacist Job Description


The pharmacist job description profile requires a professional who compound and dispense medications based on the prescription issued by registered medical practitioners.

Task of a Pharmacist

Like other professionals a pharmacist’s job description is designed to perform certain fixed tasks which can be summarised below:

1. A pharmacist verifies the rates and calculates the required volume of the pharmaceuticals to get the desired results in order to ensure proper dosages.

2. Manage the operations related to pharmacy along with hiring and supervising the staff.

3. He performs the administrative duties as well and is actively involved even in the buying and selling of the non-pharmaceutical stuff.

4. A pharmacist works in hospital, clinics and nursing homes taking care of the prescriptions thereby serving also a medical team consultant.

5. He even specializes in a particular drug therapy area.

6. A pharmacist takes care of the identity, strength and the authenticity of the medicines.

7. He even takes care of the pharmacy students by coaching them for their graduation.

8. He even gives relevant piece of information which may be beneficial and useful for doctors, patients and other pharmacy professionals.

9. A pharmacist reviews prescriptions at regular intervals of time to assure the accuracy, to inspect the suitability of the ingredients.

10. A pharmacist provides information and advice in connection to drug, side -effects. dosage and storage of the medical products.

11. This professional orders and purchases medical supplies and drugs. This even involves the proper handling and storage of these products.

12. He maintains records which may include pharmacy files, profile of the patients, inventories and controlled drugs.

13. A pharmacist provides service to help patients in dealing with ailments like diabetes, smoking or blood pressure.

14. A pharmacist advises and recommends the customer on the selection of medication brands and equipments.

15. A pharmacist compound and dispense medications which are prescribed by authorised medical practitioners

16. A pharmacist even trains people or give health promotion activities like telling the people the use of devices for blood pressure or any other ailment.

17. A pharmacist on a regular basis refers patients to health professionals and agencies.

18. A pharmacist prepares solutions which are sterilized for surgical procedures or medical rooms.

19. A pharmacist applies and maintains procedures for mixing, packaging and labelling the pharmaceutical products.

Skills required for a pharmacist

The following are the key skills for a pharmacist:

1. Active Listening: Listening to somebody with open ears and taking time to understand the points given and not interrupting at the wrong time.

2. Speaking: Talking to others in order to convey the right information.

3. Comprehension: The candidate needs to understand the written matter in the documents related to work.

4. Mathematics: Needs to be proficient in maths to solve problems.

5. Critical thinking: Using logic and reasoning to identify the positives and negatives.

Thus we see that the pharmacist job description profiles require task and skills which are very specific and special and only the right person can perform these duties.

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