Project Officer Job Description


Project officers also known as Project Managers are responsible for the implementation of a project. An idea or an initiative takes a tangible shape under the supervision of a project officer. The roles and responsibilities of the project officer will vary depending on the size of the company and the project. A Project Officer Job description is similar to that of a project coordinator in some aspects; however there are additional responsibilities and duties. A project officer is an overall in charge of the project implementation from beginning to the end. A project officer may also have the responsibility to follow up with the client after completion of the project. Usually a project officer reports to a Chief Project Officer in medium to large companies. Project Officers also have the responsibility to identify the projects that will be profitable to the company.

Roles and responsibilities:

• Discuss client requirements to understand project needs

• Identify and develop projects keeping in view the vision of the company

• Prepare budget for the project

• Assign responsibilities to different project teams

• Ensure there is smooth coordination of information between teams

• Prepare a project calendar and ensure teams are meeting their deadlines

• Attend meetings as required

• Resource Management

• Health and safety regulations

• Advice and guide the project management team

• Follow up with the client after implementation of the project to ensure the project is running to the satisfaction of the client.

Key Skills required:

• Sound technical knowledge

• Management skills

• Interpersonal skills

• Good communication skills

• Time management skills

• Resource management skills

• Analytical Skills

• Problem solving skills

• Budgeting and planning skills

• Ability to work under pressure

Employers: Project Officers are crucial to every industry for implementing their projects. IT, Infrastructure, Governments and councils, Building and construction are some of the big employers. Project Officers can also find employment in Pharma companies and corporates.

Career prospects: The career path of a project officer differs from industry to industry. In a typical software industry, you may start off as either a software developer, test engineer or business analyst and grow into the role of a project Officer. In an engineering company you may start as a Field engineer to become a project engineer, project coordinator and then progress to becoming a Project Officer.

Qualifications required: Qualification in a chosen field is essential, such as Computer sciences, Engineering, Pharmaceuticals etc. As the job involves supervisory and managerial responsibilities and also financial understanding for the project implementation, a Management degree adds value. So typically a technical degree with a Management qualification is valuable in this job market. There are also specific courses and certifications in project management that can be considered, however these are useful only when backed by a basic technical qualification.
Make sure your CV or Resume meets all the requirements of a Project Officer mentioned in a Project Officer Job description to increase your chances of landing a job in this field.

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