Recruiter Job Description


The recruiter job description profile requires a professional to select good candidates for the organization who can prove to be an asset in future. He is further expected to get these candidates within the budget. Ideally is expected to select the best candidates in minimum budget.

Task of a recruiter

The task of a recruiter is challenging and requires certain specialized skills. The job responsibilities of a recruiter would include the following:

- Establishing the recruiting requirements which are done by studying the plans and objectives of the organization. This also includes meeting the managers to discuss the further needs.      
- Building applicant resources by researching and contacting the community services, colleges, employment consultants, media and internet sites.

- Determining the applicant requirements by studying the qualifications and description of the job.

- Arranging the management interviews by proper coordination of the schedules like lodging and meals and even escorting the applicants to interviews.

- Evaluating applicants by discussing the requirements of the job along with the qualifications with the managers and even interviewing the candidates.

- Managing the relocation of the new employee by knowing about the employee requirements, negotiating with movers and packers and even providing temporary housing.

- Improving the organization appearance by recommending new practices and policies, besides this it also includes monitoring the job offers and compensation practices and laying emphasis on perks and benefits.

- Managing intern program of the organization which is done by conducting orientations, scheduling assignments and rotations, monitoring the job contributions and advising managers on training and coaching.

- Avoiding legal challenges by having proper knowledge of current legislation, enforcing regulation with managers, recommending the new procedures and also conducting the training for the batches.

- Updating the job knowledge which is done by participating in educational oppurtunities,reading professional publications along with maintaining personal networks including participating in professional organizations.

Required skills for a recruiter

The job of a recruiter is challenging which requires one to do multi-tasking. Like every other job profile this profile also requires certain specialized skills.
Ideally the candidate for this job should have proper phone etiquettes as one is required to deal with candidates on the phone.

In addition one needs to have recruiting skills.

The candidate should know how to interview the people – and should know the ways to probe a candidate.

One is even required to have people management skills as the job requires handling many candidates at a single time.

The candidate needs to have a thorough knowledge of employment law.

The person for this job has to be results driven and should be able to select and recruit the right candidate for the organization.

One should also have the skills of project management

A person for this job profile needs to have judgment skills which are very necessary in selecting the candidates.

Thus we see the recruiter job description requires the candidate which needs to have a proper blend of many skills.

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