Retail Manager Job Description


Retail Managers have become indispensable in today’s growing retail industry, this affected greatly the retail manager job description, as the success of a good retail business depends on its efficient Retail Manager . In simple words Retail Managers run the show of retail, chain-stores. As they are in constant contact with the consumers they have first-hand information about what consumers are looking for. They are able to feel the pulse of the consumer industry.

A retail manager works on the floor with a team of salesmen. They are in constant contact with the customers and staff to ensure that the clients are receiving great customer service, and that the daily and weekly sales targets are met. A Retail Manager’s Job description also includes dealing with the financial management of the business, such as budgeting, Resource management such as sourcing and procuring stock and human resource management such as hiring, training staff and preparing their work rosters. A retail manager should be able to think on his feet so as to provide quick and efficient service to your clients and ensure client satisfaction.

Responsibilities :

• Hire, train and supervise sales team

• Budgeting

• Maintaining financial and statistical records

• Planning

• Stock intake and pricing

• Marketing and promotions

• Store display and window decoration

• Efficient management of customer complaints and queries

• Health and safety management

Key Skills required:

• Excellent customer service skills

• Numerical skills

• Communications skills

• Team working skills

• Organisational skills

• Leadership skills

Employers: Typically retail outlets, chain stores and DIY stores. Opportunities and jobs are advertised generally in local newspapers, online job web sites and employment agencies.

Career prospects: Salaries and perks vary and depend on the size of the retail store. Large retail outlet chains generally offer better pays, training and advancement opportunities. Many retails businesses offer Management trainee programs. These programs are designed to train their management trainees in different aspects of the business and require the trainees to work in departments of their stores, like the cash counter, stock room, customer and sales service. This may also involve working at different locations. Career growth opportunities are good for a person with the right aptitude and attitude in the retail industry.

Qualifications required: Any degree is acceptable; however a degree in business or retail management is preferred. To be successful in this role you will need to have good commercial and customer service skills. To apply for the position your CV/Resume should highlight your work experience in the field of customer service, any staff management duties held in previous positions, achievements in meeting sales targets and any other aspects highlighting your organisational and multitasking skills.

To fit the bill of an apt Retail Manager Job description, you must be highly enthusiastic, energetic, customer focused individual who is able to multi task and be able to think on your feet, with a good understanding of the ever changing consumer market and its needs.

Most popular cities for Retail manager jobs:

Retail manager in Toronto

Retail manager in Montreal

Retail manager in Calgary

Retail manager in Ottawa

Retail manager in Edmonton

Retail manager in Mississauga

Retail manager in Winnipeg

Retail manager in Vancouver

Retail manager in Brampton

Retail manager in Hamilton

Retail manager in Quebec city

Retail manager in Surrey

Retail manager in Laval

Most popular provinces for Retail manager jobs:

Retail manager in Ontario

Retail manager in Alberta

Retail manager in Quebec

Retail manager in British Columbia

Retail manager in Saskatchewan

Retail manager in Manitoba