Sales Representative Job Description



Sales representative’s job description entails achieving utmost profits, expansion and progress contained in any allocated field or market efficiently by meeting customer’s requirements, dealing with them personally and selling products to different enterprises and retail market.

Basically any sale representative needs to understand the correct way of providing customer service in a certain manner with a hint of pleasantness in his/her work in order to attain their confidence and make as many sales as possible. Being able to work without any monitoring body present, plainly discuss and exhibit the product with excellent communication skills are a few general requirements of a sales representative’s job. Furthermore being able to meet sales set goals, zone administration, prospecting and surveying skills, negotiable and self motivated personality with an impactful presentable outlook also follows the agenda of any confident sales representative. Enlisted below are a few main points that a sales representative’s job description includes:

Core functions:

• Advertises, sells and assures further orders from a number of different kinds customers in industrial estates or retail stores via a resourceful and friendly relationship based approach.

• Exhibits goods and services to all probable and current customers and aid them in choosing the ones that would suit their necessities in the best way.

• Keeps a keen eye on the competition by collecting all the information regarding the current situation of market place, price fluctuations, launchings of products and their delivery patterns along with their promotional offers.

• Applies a professional and skilled approach towards marketing his/her companies products and contributes to team efforts to achieve the desired goals as scheduled.

• Stays informed of technical and related schoolings available to attain maximum profits possible by making one's products the most desired in market.

Detailed functions:

• Sales representative's job description outlines him authorizing and constructing business ties with recurring and prospective customers in the appointed areas to create market place a new, to launch one's own products effectively.

• (S)H is required to communicate with various organizations by paying visits, showing presentations regarding own goods to guide the buyer's minds into purchasing more of the presented products and procuring highest possible profits.

• A sales representative goes through various sources to determine the potential of new probable and current customers and promotes simple yet effective proposals for them. (S)He is required to solve the complaints of the purchasers, if any in a capable manner.

• More effectively any sales representative is entitled to co-ordinate the sales strain with marketing management, accounting, scheduling, delivery and technical departments respectively. (S)He is required to understand the market's hidden potential in any particular area and define its residential value to the company.

• A qualitative sales representative maintains his top position of vendor ship by taking part in various trading and meetings and organizing private sales strategies by providing cost effective and managed purchases and recording them.

• Regardless of the type of industry (s) he works for, a sales representative stays aligned of product functions and competitive pursuits being made in the improving trends of market.

Sales Representative's job description therefore clearly mentions him/her to be a self assured and sure personality with the correct mode of qualification and possession of handling and persuasive communicative manner to provide any company with the utmost profits on maximum sales they can commit adequately.

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