Secretary Job Description



A Secretary Job description requires professionals to undertake a number of clerical and administrative tasks. The secretary of an organisation is an important employee who schedules many important meetings and relevant tasks.

Task of a Secretary :

As far as the smooth running of an organisation is concerned Secretaries play an important role. Although the job of a secretary requires them to do many tasks but their primary are of work mainly involves administrative activities. The main job responsibilities includes • Answering telephone calls with perfection which requires telephone etiquettes
• Maintaining diaries in order to keep the records in an organised manner
• Arranging appointments which involve proper scheduling.
• Taking messages and delivering it to the right person
• Filing and typing
• Managing database which is the base of any organization
• Recruiting, training and supervising from time to time depending on the needs of the organisation.
• Handling the correspondence
• Liaising with right kind of organisation which is important for better growth of business.
• Coordinating with the mails on a regular basis which helps to keep the information updated. The secretary job description requires the candidate to have knowledge of word processing and short hand for which there are many secretarial courses in colleges. The candidates can gain good amount of experience by working in agencies in the initial phase of their career which leads them to get permanent work in future.
The jobs for the post of secretary are advertised online and also by career services and recruitment agencies. These are also advertised in all the newspapers- local ,regional and national.

Requirements for the job of a secretary:

Academic For this profile formal academic qualifications are not required always but a degree in subjects like English, Business, Language, Information Science, Adminstration and IT always pays. The commercial work and experience from the previous organisation can also be very helpful for this job.


• Interpersonal skills which are required to present yourself in a professional manner.

• Team working skills which helps to get good amount of work within the organisation

• Organisational skills

• Negotiation skills

• Assertiveness which requires you to be demanding but in a gentle way.

• Time management which is very important for the successful running of any organisation. With these all kind of tasks can be completed with the required quality and within the set deadlines.

• Decision making.

• Communication skills

• Confident in handling IT and computer applications.

• Accuracy and good attention which is a must as it helps to save time.

• Positive attitude which is the key for success in every job profile.

• Initiative

• Relaibility, which is very important as there are many facts about the company which is only known to you and your boss.

• Keeping the contact details updated which includes name, addresses and contact numbers of the management and the ordinary members of the company.

• Acting as custodian of the company by handling the company’s governing documents, although this may vary from organisation to organisation.

• Compiling lists of the names and addresses that are important and useful for the company/or organisation. This could be the names and addresses of the officials or officers of the organisations.

• Reporting the activities and future plans of the organisation to members, the press and the public.

Thus we see that the Secretary Job Description require the candidate to have some special skills and knowledge. The profile has many challenging tasks which only a smart and hardworking professional can perform.


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