Speech Pathologist Job Description


The Speech Pathologist job description profile requires professionals to work with people who have a variety of speech related disorders. These professionals are officially called speech-language pathologists and are sometimes called speech therapists. The disorders can include the inability to produce sounds, speech rhythm besides fluency problems and voice disorders.

The Tasks of Speech Pathologist

There are certain tasks of Speech Pathologists, out of which the key ones are:

a) Diagnosing and treating individuals who suffer from stutters as well as vocal and cognitive communication impairments.

b) Helping people whose speech is affected by emotional issues, various learning disabilities and physical impairments, such as cleft palate.

c) Conducting specialized testing to accomplish the above tasks

d) Providing therapy which is designed for individual client’s need.

e) Working closely with physicians, psychologists and teachers to carefully monitor patient’s progress.

f) Keeping long term records on their clients in order to assist them with difficulties that arise thorough out their lives.

g) Assist patients who have been in accidents or other traumatic incidents in learning or relearning proper swallowing techniques.

h) Supporting and providing therapy to patient’s families to facilitate social integration and recovery.

Required skills for Speech Pathologist

The Speech Pathologist needs to have certain key skills which are necessary for the proper functioning.

The candidate needs to have active listening skills. He should give full attention to what other people are saying in addition taking time to understand the points being made. Asking the questions and not interrupting at inappropriate times.

Besides this one should have proper logic and reasoning to identify the strength and weaknesses. The candidate should be a good speaker to convey information in an effective way
He needs to be an active learner as well in order to understand the implications of new information. The candidate must be able to instruct others to do something. Along with this he needs to have coordination as to adjust actions in relation to other actions. An ideal candidate should have time management skills which require managing own time and time of others. He needs to have persuasion as to make the people change their minds or behavior.

One needs to be a good negotiator in order to bring others together and trying to reconcile the differences. He also needs to have fair knowledge of scientific rules and methods to solve problems.
The ideal candidate should know system evaluation which involves identifying measures or indicators of system performance and the actions needed to improve or correct performance.
The candidate should know the management of personal resources which involves motivating, developing and directing people as they work. This even includes identifying the best resources for the job.

Thus we see that the speech pathologist job description profile requires people who are thorough professionals with a set standard of skills.

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