Teacher Job Description


Teacher’s job description states that any teacher male or female assesses and keeps a record of student’s growth and development in order to add to their knowledge and prepare them for examinations. They strategize various techniques of work and lessons related to the curriculum they are bound to teach their students and encourage this by developing a unique relation with every pupil of the school so that they can guide them efficiently on their level.

Core responsibilities of a teacher:

• A teacher organizes a healthy and productive environment of the class that helps students in their learning and also (s) he cultivates and promotes the recommended skills and collective talents to enhance the most favorable temperament for children as per their class course requires.

• By linking the student’s knowledge to their previous education and choosing methods to develop them further, any teacher motivates his/her pupils in increasing their knowledge.

• The task of a teacher also constitutes of acting as a go between with other professionals and parents and keeping them up to date with their children’s progress in school.

• These professionals are generally required to have a bachelor's degree and state license in order to teach in a public school. However a master's degree is sometimes necessary.

• Some teachers may be specialized in certain subjects like Math, English etc and they particularly guide students in their respective subjects by planning curriculum that cover all the basic and extensive syllabi of different subjects required for basic and then advanced studies.

• Such specialized teachers are usually hired in high schools and on in colleges and universities and they can be highly instructive and influential for their pupils as to guiding them in deciding which career path way they wanted to choose in future. Given below are a few main points that a teacher is designated to do regardless of what grade (s) he teaches.

Fundamental duties of a teacher:
• A teacher is dutiful into teaching all areas of the curricula (primary/secondary/high) preparing lectures and discussing concepts and setting together instructive and educational lessons for subjects usually with visual aids, books and various projects to acquire student body’s attention.

• Planning lectures in such a way so they are clear and up to the abilities of the classes in general respectively so that the teacher is able to not only maintain a healthy, disciplined and instructive environment but also be able to motivate them in taking course of the correct direction and completing the parent student teacher relation with effective counseling.

• Egging pupils on with fervently creative presentations and meeting the challenge of guiding and dealing with the unmotivated or not inspired students and making them realize the importance of education.

• Furthermore teachers are required to mark and prepare his/her students and aid in their positive development meeting requirements for

A teacher’s job description therefore includes his/her keeping track of student’s progress and providing their parents with a feedback regarding their education during the parent teacher meetings so that a positive outcome of improving the children in their education even more could be achieved.

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