Telecommunication Engineer Job Description


Telecommunication engineering job description or profile requires a type of engineering, which combines together electrical engineering and computer science to improve telecommunications systems. It is also known as telecom engineering.

Task of a Telecommunication Engineer

Telecommunication involves the transmission of information and signals through an efficient system of technology. The main task of a telecommunication engineer is to work with the electrical and electronic activities, satellites, radars, signals and transmission.

There has been a drastic advancement in technologies in the recent past.As a result this helps these professionals to bring all the people of this universe closer with the help of day to day equipments like telephone, radio, internet and radars.

Telecommunication engineer is expected to solve problems according to the situations and should give the right solutions with the knowledge of telecommunication which can include Integrated Services Digital Network, Analog, T1,T2 and Asynchronous Transfer Mode.

A telecommunication engineer analyzes the requirements and needs of the customer. He designs the telecommunication systems and equipments and keeps these customers/clients up to date with the recent developments.

He needs to inspect and service the telecom devices at regular intervals of time.

A telecommunication engineer even prepares and presents the reports and proposal on telecommunications and its related issues.

He is required to supervise effectively the use and installation of the telecommunications equipment. He provides the training to the staff once these new equipments have been installed.

Normally a telecommunication engineer works on regular business hours, but depending on the deadlines they often have to change their work schedule and work on evenings and weekends.

A telecommunication or telecom engineer works on offices and building, but can even work on outdoor sites performing the test on equipments and supervising them equally. He may even travel within the municipal limits or outside to fix faults and maintain the equipments.

Skills required for Telecommunication Engineer

To fulfill the needs for the telecommunication Engineer Job description one needs to have a sound knowledge of mechanics, electronics and communication systems as the job revolves around these three segments.

He/she always needs to be up to date with the recent development in the engineering methods. This also includes to be updated on the industry trends and technology.

He/she needs to be proficient in understanding the rules and standards of the telecommunication industry.

He/she must be a good communicator as he is required to be in constant touch with the mid management staff.

It is always a plus point if one has creativity – as you know the problem and the same time you know how you can solve it to get good results. It is just like planning your work first in an effective manner and then working your plan.

Thus the job profile of a Telecommunication Engineer is very challenging as it requires doing multi-tasking along with patience and understanding.

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