Translator Job Description


A career in Translations may sound quite offbeat, however The Bureau of Statistics, US Department of Labour, has estimated that there will be a 46% increase in translator jobs in the near future. The role of a Translator can be described very simply in a short Translator Job description as converting material from a one language to another language. The job in itself however, is not as simple as it appears as the translator has to ensure that the meaning of the original text is not altered in any manner. The language that the material needs to be translated is usually the translator’s native language. A translator is required to have good reading and writing skills of at least two languages. Translators can work in various fields including scientific, educational, technical, legal, literary and commercial. Work from home is a good option for many translators, who can be either self-employed translators working directly for clients or working for an agency. Some businesses however employ translators on a full time or part time basis.

Roles and responsibilities:

• Convert written material from one language another language without changing its meaning.

• Ensure technical terms are translated accurately.

• Ability to use relevant Translation software as required to ensure consistency

• Research technical, legal, scientific phraseology for accurate translations

• Get clarification about any uncertain areas of translation

• Proof read and edit translated material

• Ensure deadlines are met

Key Skills required:

• Proficient in at least two languages

• Good communication skills

• Proof reading and editing

• Good computer and written skills

• Ability to work unsupervised

• Time management skills

• Ability to use translation software

Employers: Major employers of translators are technical services, Governments, scientific services, legal departments and professional and educational services. There are many translation agencies also who hire translators. Most of the translation jobs can be found online. Translators can also find work as self-employed freelancers.

Career prospects: There is a growing need for translators in today’s internet dominated environment. Globalisation has thrown open doors for businesses to do business in various countries and translators are required to bridge the gap of communication. Scientific and technical knowledge is available in different languages and again translators are required to give an insight into this wealth of knowledge. Translators can explore the opportunity to grow and diversify into other related fields such as interpreters and sign language experts.

Qualifications required: The most important requirement for a career in translation is fluency in at least two languages. A degree in languages is an added bonus. As most of the work is done on computers, being computer literate is essential. Some countries offer certifications to enhance the opportunities of translators. The ATA gives certifications in 24 languages and the Certified Translation Professionals (CTP) gives certifications in 9 languages.

As the demand for translators increases in the coming years, it is possible that the Translator Job description undergoes some changes to include other related duties and responsibilities.

Most popular cities for Translator jobs:

Translator in Toronto

Translator in Montreal

Translator in Calgary

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Translator in Winnipeg

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Most popular provinces for Translator jobs:

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