Travel Agent Job Description


Being a travel agent can be fun as you can explore the world sitting in your office. A Travel Agent Job description varies largely based on the size of the business and its customer base. As the name suggests the main purpose of a Travel agent is to promote, sell and organise tours and holidays and travels for its customers. There are both small travel agencies that just book airline tickets and also large travel agent chains that can organise everything required for their customer’s travel, including booking tickets, hotel accommodation, transport at the place of visit and also a guided tour. Some Travel agents specialise in business tours while some have a more detailed knowledge of different locations and travel products. The Tourism industry has undergone a lot of change over the last few years and so has the role of a Travel Agent. To begin with in most countries Travel Agents these days are called Travel Consultants. Large chain Travel agencies have started doing business online which provides scope for smaller Travel Agents to do business in retail outlets.


• Promote and sell travel packages

• Advice clients regarding local and international destinations, ticket fares and other information as required.

• Provide options to clients regarding travel routes, airlines and fares

• Liaising with travel partners like airlines, hotels to make travel arrangements for clients

• Make travel, accommodation and other related bookings

• Inform and arrange necessary visas required for the travel

• Inform clients of the luggage limits and currency requirements

• Give any other information regarding the place of travel, especially for holiday destinations

• Efficient management of changes to travel arrangements where required

• Collecting payments and issuing any vouchers etc.

Key Skills required:

• Excellent customer service skills

• Good communication skills

• Good computer and written skills

• Strong sales focus

• Organisational skills

• Able to work in a team

• High level of personal presentation

• Ability to work under pressure

Employers: Small independent travel agents usually are self-employed and can have a retail outlet to meet and greet customers and discuss their travel needs or can work from home depending on what their agency offers. If they only book train or airline tickets then they can work from home. Large chains usually operate from a retail outlet and offer more travel products. If you chose to work for one such Travel agency, Your job description can include, Managing a team of sales persons, motivating the sales team to meet their targets, budgeting and pricing of the travel packages, recruiting and training sales staff and also overseeing customer care and dealing with customer queries and complaints.

Career prospects: Your career growth will depend whether you chose to be a self-employed Travel agent or work for an organisation. Opportunities vary from front desk travel consultant to being a Manager of a team of travel agents or consultants and further to become a general manager of a large chain of travel agency. Most Travel agency chains will offer ongoing training to their Managers.

Qualifications required: A minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent is required. With the increase in the use of computers and technology businesses prefer to hire candidates with vocational training. A degree or a diploma in tourism management is highly recommended to be successful in the travel and tourism industry. There are other industry certified Certifications which a Travel agent can aim for as a continual upgrading is required in today’s travel industry, especially because the consumer is equally informed.

A Travel Agent Job Description can be used as a guide to understand the skills, qualifications and attributes required to become a successful Travel Agent.

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