Web Designer Job Description


In order to meet a web designer job description one needs to have skills which are required for the maintenance and production of the websites’ design. A web designer is responsible for the visual aspect of a website which includes the layout, typography and also the coloring of the web page.

Role of a Web Designer

A web designer is someone who works along with a web developer on a website. Like the web developer a web designer is supposed to know a variety of languages such as HTML,PHP,CSS and Flash to develop a site. If it is a small organization a web designer needs to have the skills for programming and designing the entire page
But on the contrary if the organization is a one which has a good number of employees he may only be responsible for the visual aspect of the webpage.

One of the main aspects of a web designer job description is to have a creative design for the pages of the web or web pages which is usually done by involving the client. A web designer needs to have a good knowledge of software like Photoshop along with a thorough knowledge of languages like the JavaScript which is helpful for graphics to be animated. In addition to this a web designer is desirable to have a working experience with certain types of media programs which is beneficial in adding sound or video clips to the webpage. In all the role of a Web designer is to create specific designs in the pages along with a unique graphic set and above all an appealing details.
These professionals are in great demand in all the industry sectors from finance to retail and even to public organizations.

Skills required for a web designer

A web designer job designer requires candidate to have knowledge of software and programming. He may not be a perfect computer programmer but he needs to know something about programming.
He needs to be a good thinker and also have good imagination. He should be an avid and quick learner and should be able to pick new techniques and updates.

He needs to be a good communicator and have good interpersonal and communication skills. Last but not the least a web developer should be up to date with upcoming new computer technologies. Moving further he needs to be thorough and precise in his work and should be proficient in multi-tasking. Ideally he should be able to meet the deadline. He may be qualified enough to work individually or work as a team.

The profile of a web designer is challenging and responsible at the same time. A web designer is actively involved in the maintenance of the site once it has been created. Further on his jobs become more challenging as he has to design a particular website in such a manner so that it looks professional and also appealing to the eye.

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