Web Developer Job Description


A web developer job description requires a programmer who has expertise in developing world wide applications. In other words we can say that a web developer is a professional who specializes in developing network and web applications which are run on http from a server to a browser.

Task of Web Developer

Web developers job description or profile have been found to work in all sorts of organisations ranging from big corporate to small size companies. They also work as freelancers. The reason is that they are in great demand as every company nowadays have their own website.

The task or role of a web developer involves designing the websites besides coding and modifying. This may range from lay-out to function of a website. In addition to this a web developer is expected to create a site which is user friendly, easy to navigate and appealing.

A web developer needs to communicate on a regular basis with his colleagues. The role of a web developer is very much organised which goes step by step.

The very first task of a web developer is to study and analyse a website. According to this observation he needs to prepare structure and design for the website. Once he has made the structure and design he develops the page template and finally his task is to create and develop pages using these page templates. Further on we can say that the role of a web developer can range from developing a single page of plain text to the most rigid internet applications and social network services. He needs to work closely with managers of the project and other members of the development team. He also needs to attend the meetings with clients during the process of sales and development within the organisation. He is also required to give relevant updates to the clients as far as the technical solutions are concerned. He is also expected to develop and propose software programmes which would be in accordance with the upcoming technologies and to add to this proper assistance in the maintenance of the website.

Required skills for a web developer

Every profession requires some special skills/qualifications and the same goes with Web developer job description profile . An ideal web developer is required to have the below mentioned skills.
First of all a web developer should be a good programmer in order to create and maintain websites that functions well.

Moving further a web developer needs to know about HTML.Along with this he should be thorough with Ajax and JavaScript. He should also be well acquainted with PHP,ASP and C++.Last but not the least a web developer should be thorough with My SQL Database and should have a good knowledge of Project management.

Thus we see that the profile of a job developer is very challenging which requires one to be patient along with keeping coordination with the colleagues.

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